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“Why Need Chrome Plating” – Chrome Plating – 7 Tips to Chrome Plating Restoration

“Why Need Chrome Plating” – Part 1 of 7 – Car Restoration – The Brightworks – 7 Tips to Chrome Plating


Chrome plating is the accent or jewelry of your vehicle restoration project. The shiny, mirror finish with depths of deep blue-white hue is truly a remarkable thing to see in a car that has been fully restored. It reminds me of a swimming pool with no ripple…only the flicker of shine. Not only does it reflect and wink back at you…almost leaving you blind on a summer day, it creates a thrilling sensation to the car enthusiast. “!Machine, Metal and Man!”….Me! My Car!”

Chrome plating is the result of science, chemistry, and hard manual labor all colliding for a single result of magnificent brilliance and shine. As the automobile designers and engineers put in place specification for production standards in the factory…chrome plating is intelligently and masterfully included. Not only for its appearance but for corrosion resistance which serves as a protection from rust or decay.

Now, just because its shiny, does that mean the auto part is actually “chrome plating” (electroplating)? No, for example, most cars mouldings/trims are made of stainless steel and the actual finish is Polish Stainless Steel (no plating whatsoever).

Next post will include “What is Chrome Plating”…is it a bath of shiny molten metal that is bubbling in a heated tank? or is it spray-on and needs a curing time? or could it be a liquid tank of toxic acids?

ANSWER: Why need chrome plating? : For appearance and corrosion resistance

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“How to Prepare Car Bumpers Before Chrome Plating” – 2 Videos

Tech Talk: “How to ‪Chrome Electroplate a ‪Bumper”‬ – 2 VIDEO

Tips and tech talk.

SEMA EDUCATION – HRIA – Hot Rod Industry Alliance – Thank you ‪‎Advance Plating‬ for the presentation.

‪Plating‬ industry colleague – A video seminar regarding metal finishing, ‪‎electroplating‬ , chrome plating of bumpers…specifically pertaining to the metal prepping of a bumper before the final plating process, which is decorative chrome electroplating.

Bumper metal prepping before the chrome plating process

– Do It Yourself ‪#‎DIY‬

– ‪‎Electro Stripping‬ – why not to strip chrome with grinding
– ‪‎Chemical Electrostripping (Nickel Strip Process Tank)
– Weld Repair‬
– ‪‎Block Filing‬ Methods – Bumper Press
– ‪Grinding‬ and Metal Polishing
– Tools Used to Repair Bumpers



How to do chrome plating on a classic car bumper – VIDEO # 2

Thank you ‪‎for the video Galwanizatortwo Osinski Galvano – Poland

‪Plating‬ industry colleague – A video demostration of how to chrome plate a classic car bumper – from start to finish.

Bumper chrome plating process

How complicated is it to chrome a classic car bumper – from start to finish

– ‪‎Bumper Assesment
– ‪‎Disassembling or dismantling a bumper
– Chemical Electrostripping (Nickel Strip Process Tank)
– ‪‎Grinding‬ and Metal Polishing of the electrostriped bumper
– ‪‎Weld Repair‬
– Block Filing‬ Methods – Bumper Press
– ‪‎ Metal Polishing Again – 3 steps
– ‪Copper Plating
– Copper Buffing and maybe do silver solder repairs with blocking (if needed)
– ‪‎Copper Plating Again (if needed)
– ‪Copper Buffing Again (if needed)
– Bright Nickel Plating
– ‪‎Finally the Chrome Plating Process
– ‪Inspection
– Packaging


Galwanizatorstwo Osiński
Puławska 34, 05-500 Piaseczno, Poland

+48 22 737 07 12



At LM Chrome Corporation – we offer an estimate on chrome plating bumpers – located in Santa Ana, CA USA

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